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About CFVM

The Community of Federal Visible Minorities (CFVM) exists to provide an independent forum for visible minorities to organize, discuss issues, and advance their concerns with respect to individual and collective well-being, professional advancement, and representation within the federal public service (FPS) of Canada. As such, the CFVM strives to participate in and help shape the national identity of our country with the singular objective to ensure that our federal institutions like the FPS are built on the foundations of merit, inclusiveness, respect, integrity, collaboration and professionalism.

Interim Executive Committee of CFVM

Our Vision

The vision of the CFVM is to help create a barrier-free, inclusive, and representative public service where visible minorities can individually and collectively realize their professional aspirations, based on the principles of merit and in full respect of their rights. 

Main Goal

The principal goal of the CFVM is to ensure that the FPS remains representative of the people of Canada, in all its occupational levels, in its organizational and cultural practices, and that any barriers to the advancement and career potential of visible minorities are removed permanently.